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2 Methords – How To Add Favicon In WordPress


Favicon boost website’s interface. It gives a good impression on user. Almost every website has favicon. Having a Favicon is having a valid website, as favicon means a logo of the website.

In this article we are going to consider top 2 approaches to add a favicon in your WordPress site. This approaches are well tested and work on any WordPress theme and any WordPress version.


First you want to create a square logo/icon (usually with the size consist of 16×16 or 32×32). Regrettably, most picture enhancing applications don’t support saving in icon layout immediately so that you will need to create a PNG image first.
After you have created your favicon, you need to convert it to the right format. There are numerous favicon makers online which make the technique clean and painless.

The most awesome ones are: Canva, Faviconer and Dynamic force Favicon gear. They all are unfastened and do a top notch process of creating the favicon.
When you have prepared, all that’s left to do now could be to add the favicon to WordPress. Lets stroll each approach little by little.


This is now the encouraged technique for adding a favicon in WordPress. And it’ll be to be had imparting you have got WordPress version 4.3 or later.
It’s the quickest and simplest approach through far.

You’ll need a 512×512 pixel photo to upload and you will not ought to trouble converting it into .ico format.

First get admission to the WordPress Customizer by means of going to look > personalize:

WordPress customizer

Now the following step can also range slightly for you and I’ll give an explanation for why in a 2nd.

For maximum themes you ought to navigate to the menu option which says site identification:

Web page identification WordPress favicon. In a few themes, this selection will say some thing exclusive to website online identification. I’ve visible it called:

Site name, Tagline and emblem or website logo & Header (this final one turned into below another menu known as widespread).

No matter what, the option need to appearance much like one of these above. Subsequent, you’ll get the choice to add your web page icon/favicon:

Add website online icon upload WordPress favicon

As soon as uploaded, click shop & submit – then you’re definitely all executed.
You can want to clean your website cache if you are using a caching plugin, along side your browser cache. However that’s it!


An increasing number of themes today are shipped with plenty of options – a number of them even encompass the choice to upload your very own favicon.

Evidently, the first place to look is your theme’s options page. When you have the choice to upload a favicon image – extraordinary!

Sincerely add the created image and also you’re completed. Make certain to shop the adjustments and refresh the page. Your favicon ought to be there. If you could’t see it, make certain to clear your cache – that need to take care of the problem.


In this aritcle, we have senn how to add favicon in WordPress. There are also various other methods to add favicon on WordPress. However, we warn you don’t try them if you are not familiar with WordPress PHP editings, or Plugins.

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